New Leadership Will Make a Difference

From Loren: They won't scare us away.


I never thought this would be easy. We’re running against a 16-year incumbent whose scandals are well known.

But what happened at an event last weekend was flat out intimidation from my opponent. People who witnessed it reached out to the SF Chronicle and they ran a story this morning. You can read it here.

I’ll keep it short: On Saturday, my team of volunteers and I were exercising our First Amendment rights, campaigning at a public event at an East Oakland park. My opponent didn’t like this. Security guards came over and ordered us to take down our table and leave the park. They said if I got in their way, they would pick me up and take me out of the park too.

They said if I had an issue with it, I should speak to my opponent.

This behavior is disturbing. The status quo is not going to give up without a fight. And this simply adds to my motivation to win this fight, and I hope you're with me too.

Because we are working so hard not just to win an election, but to sweep away these political distractions and bring new leadership to District 6 so we can tackle the big challenges we face together.

It’s a critical time for Oakland. We face some of the same old problems, but also new and complex challenges. The affordability crisis threatens the very fabric of Oakland. We see homeless encampments in our city, our district is last in job growth, and the cost of living is pricing folks out (my own family has experienced all of these challenges firsthand).

This is about more than the incumbent's behavior last weekend. There’s a lack of leadership, of moral authority, focus, and really, of results in District 6. At a time when people wonder whether Oakland can still be Oakland, we can’t settle for the status quo. It’s time for new leadership, and I’m ready to provide it.

But in order to win this race, we need to have a strong showing on June 30, the biggest fundraising deadline of our campaign. Please click here to help us stand up and fight for better leadership for Oakland.

After June 30, we will publicly release what we have raised in this campaign, and our total number and total donors will determine our momentum for the remainder of the race. If you believe we need to change the status quo in District 6, I need your support today.

Please click here to contribute.

If you’ve already given the maximum ($800), thank you so much! Please consider forwarding this email to friends who might be interested. Spouses can also contribute up to $800. Please also note that you can give up to $99 and remain anonymous in the campaign finance report.

Thanks so much for your support. I never thought this would be easy, but with your help, I know we’ll win and bring some much needed new leadership, to make a difference for all Oakland residents.