New Leadership Will Make a Difference

Mid-Year Review

Oakland Residents, Supporters, and Friends,

It is hard to believe that only six months have passed since I stood at the podium with my family and took the Oath of Office.  Thank you for your support, encouragement, and partnership as I rode the steep learning curve, aggressively challenged the status quo, and laid a foundation to ensure maximum impact over the next 3 ½ years. 

We began with five key priorities and made progress against each one. We made progress through policy development, budget appropriation, and hands-on activity.  The accomplishments listed below and described in the video are encouraging because they detail the progress we’ve made delivering against each of our key priorities.

  • SHARED VISION FOR DISTRICT 6 - We secured $1M of funding to facilitate an East Oakland visioning process that leads to an East Oakland Area Specific plan and gained initial momentum through town halls, and various community meetings held across District 6
  • VIBRANT EAST OAKLAND ECONOMY - We also secured critical resources that will help us to re-establish a vibrant East Oakland economy - $1M for an East Oakland Business Assistance Fund, $900K for expanded job training across the city, A dedicated East Oakland Business Development Manager, and funding to help our East Oakland corner stores supply healthier food options.
  • ENDING PRICE-OUT and PUSH-OUT OF LONG-TERM RESIDENTS - As chair of the Council’s Life Enrichment Committee, I had the privilege of leading critical discussions on homelessness, and affordable housing development through which we strengthened tenant protections, established policies to speed up development of emergency housing facilities, and advanced recommendations for more healthy, safe, and humane homeless encampments as temporary solution while we build more affordable housing. Through this year’s budget process I was happy to join my colleagues in approving an additional $28M to address homelessness and support our unhoused neighbors in a number of different ways.
  • SAFER, CLEANER, MORE ATTRACTIVE STREETS - In East Oakland compared to other parts of the city we have historically had worse streets, more blight, litter and illegal dumping, and higher crime rates, and more strained relationships with law enforcement officers. We have similarly identified policies and secured additional budget to address these issues through improved deployment of city workers, strengthening the power of our Police Commission, adding resources for violence prevention, illegal dumping removal, and streetscaping.
  • MORE EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE CITY GOVERNMENT - And to address our 5th priority, we have aggressively pushed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how our city works calling for a robust performance management system and rigorously analyzing how we might improve our current hiring process.

While our momentum is strong, we cannot become complacent.  There is so much more work to do, and we will face many challenges along the way.  Now is the time to strengthen our resolve.

As I wrap up my first 6 months in office, I renew my commitment to you and our shared goals.  Thanks again for putting your faith in me to help our great city realize its fullest potential.

Loren Taylor, Councilmember
Oakland - District 6