New Leadership Will Make a Difference

Loren's Plan for a Better Oakland

If we’re going to improve our city, it must start right here in City Council District 6, where there is the most need. Loren Taylor believes every Oaklander deserves financial, housing, and health security, and that every resident of our community should be able to create better lives for themselves and their children.

As our Councilmember, Loren will be committed to attracting new businesses and good, sustainable jobs to our community, building affordable housing, getting our homeless people off the streets and into housing, and bringing collaboration and action to City Hall.

Create Economic Opportunity for All District 6 Residents

City Council District 6 is the most under-resourced district in Oakland. Our small businesses are shuttering. We only have one bank for 54,000 residents. District 6 consistently ranks last in the city in employment and job growth. And recently, 8 percent of the jobs in District 6 went away, during the same time period when the rest of Oakland saw 7 percent job growth. 

Something must change. As our Councilmember, Loren Taylor will be fiercely focused on economic empowerment, on creating sustainable jobs, pulling people out of poverty, and revitalizing our neighborhoods, so we can build community wealth right here in District 6. Loren’s economic opportunity agenda for District 6 will involve:

  • Supporting and growing businesses that provide sustainable jobs to local residents in every neighborhood of District 6.
  • Implementing a District 6 Business Incubator to help local residents start their own businesses, grow them, and hire other local residents.
  • Actively recruiting new companies to move to East Oakland. These companies need to know that they will benefit from our workforce, proximity to the airport, and available property.  
  • Building strong partnerships between government, non-profits, and businesses to expand avenues of opportunity.
  • Investing in local job training programs to train District 6 residents and support them in efforts to access sustainable wage jobs that will lead to careers and wage growth.

Tackle the Affordability Crisis: Stop Pushing and Pricing Out People from Being Able to Live in Oakland

Too many Oaklanders are being priced out or pushed out of our community.

As our Councilmember, Loren Taylor will fight tirelessly to build new affordable housing and prevent displacement. He will:

  • Advocate for building significant new affordable housing to ensure Oaklanders aren’t subject to the ups and downs of the market or to individuals purely focused on maximizing profit.
  • Strengthen inclusionary zoning requirements that mandate the building of affordable housing units along with market rate housing.
  • Ensure adequate funding and staffing of city renter services to protect renters from being displaced.
  • Advocate for and implement smart policies to protect tenants following Costa Hawkins reform.
  • Work to permanently remove land from the speculative market through community, non-profit, and/or government land trusts.
  • Push to develop a fund to ensure current homeowners are supported in efforts to keep their homes.

Aggressively Fight to End Homelessness

Homelessness has reached a crisis point in Oakland, with close to 2,000 people living on our streets and 900 more sheltered but still homeless. Loren Taylor has experience advocating for the needs of the homeless as the Capital Campaign Co-Chair for At the Crossroads, a local non-profit. In that role, he helped raise $4 million to fund programs to support homeless youth, to help them get off the streets. And he actively supports many Oakland-based homeless advocacy organizations that provide vital services to our local homeless population. As our Councilmember, Loren will ensure we have a representative who finally gets serious about focusing on our homeless crisis. Loren will fight aggressively to:

  • Bring other local governments from across the Bay Area together to develop solutions for Oakland’s homelessness challenges, because homelessness is a regional challenge, not just an isolated city issue.
  • Expand the scale and capacity of Transition Centers such as the Henry J. Robinson Center, that have effectively transitioned nearly 80 percent of residents to alternate housing.
  • Subsidize and speed up the approval process for applications to build secondary units attached to primary residences of Oakland property owners.
  • Incorporate many rapid housing development options (e.g., tiny homes, RVs, etc.).
  • Underwrite often cost-prohibitive move-in expenses for homeless Oaklanders (e.g., last month’s rent and security deposit) to help get people off the street and into housing.

Improve Community Health and Safety

As a former technology leader at Kaiser Permanente, Leadership Advisor for the Center for Youth Wellness, and former West Oakland Health Council Boardmember, Loren Taylor has broad experience working with Oakland health, education, business, and community leaders to create healthier, safer communities. As our Councilmember, he will focus on:

  • Investing in community policing programs that more strongly connect police officers to the communities that they serve and create healthier relationships between community members and law enforcement.
  • Ensuring access to healthy foods, by offering incentives to local businesses that are providing and advocating for healthier food options, supporting urban farming, and facilitating additional farmers markets in District 6.
  • Improving access to health screenings and health care resources, by bringing services into the community and empowering residents to better navigate the healthcare system and advocate for themselves and their families.

Create the Oakland We Deserve: Making Our City a Better Place to Live, Work, Shop, and Play

Neighborhoods that are vibrant, safe, and healthy will attract new investment, new businesses, and new jobs. As our Councilmember, Loren will fight to create more social and community infrastructure so all residents can better live, work, play, and shop right here in District 6. He will:

  • Hold regular town halls and community outreach events to seek your thoughts and feedback about what new businesses, amenities, and City services you would like to see more of in District 6. Because for too long, the limited growth we have seen in District 6 has been haphazard, uncoordinated, and often carried out with very little input from citizens.
  • Serve as a collaborative partner with other civic leaders, local businesses owners, and investors, to foster new opportunities for our district to grow in ways that work for all residents.
  • Provide rewards and incentives to businesses that demonstrate their commitment to our community through reinvestment and community advocacy.

Serve with Dignity, Treat Others with Respect, and Promote Collaboration, So We Can Bring People Together and Get Results

Loren Taylor will serve with a commitment to collaboration, ethics, and transparency. Loren believes that with all the big challenges facing our community, we must dedicate ourselves to building bridges. That means listening to and respecting each other, especially when we disagree. That is the only way we can hear and incorporate all viewpoints, bring our community together, and solve these big challenges we face.